Common general rules


Common General Rules as of June 30, 2020


These revised rules are effective as of July 1, 2020, following their adoption by the Boards of Directors of the three Fonds de recherche du Québec. They apply to all programs offered during fiscal year 2020-2021 and to the administration of funding already underway, with the exception of eligibility requirements (Section 2), which continue to be governed by the rules in effect during the year the funding application was submitted. It is the responsibility of funding holders, managing institutions and institutions of higher learning (with regard to training awards) to take note of any changes that are made to the Common General Rules, and to adjust the management of their award accordingly.

Individual program rules provide further specifications and information that supplement the Common General Rules. Applicants must therefore read both documents. Should these specifications contradict or differ from the Common General Rules, the program rules prevail over the Common General Rules.

Summary of the main changes to the common general rules