Facts and Figures


The Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) in 2013–2014...

Support for research and training for young researchers

454 Master's and PhD students
171 Postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate professionals
415 Research fellows (288 fellows, 124 clinician fellows, 23 national fellows and 3 chairs)
308 Research grants and strategic initiatives
20 International collaborations
9 Research groups This vast group includes over 3,600 researchers and nearly 6,000 graduate students
17 Research centres
18 Thematic research networks


$94,156,448 in funding for research and training awards and grants

Partnerships for research development

  • Six new partnership agreements that will position Québec on the national and international stages on topics including neurodegenerative diseases and patient-focused research 
  • Funding for 5 research programs (including 4 new programs) in European networks as well as 7 joint projects in neuroscience and aging involving Québec researchers 
  • $35.1M in partnerships for awards and grants ($23.6M from partners and $11.5M from the FRQS for a 1:2 leverage effect)

Research promotion and knowledge dissemination

  • Events to promote and disseminate health research leading into the 50th anniversary of the FRQS in 2014
  • Three reflection activities and two events for young researchers that mobilized several research and innovation stakeholders (80 to 180 participants in each activity)

Recognized expertise in scientific assessment

  • 1,523 awards and grants applications evaluated by 341 members on 80 committees 
  • The FRQS also leverages its expertise in scientific assessment as part of four mandates from four organizations, including two government departments