Joint committee on the responsible conduct of research


This standing committee is chiefly composed of members who are independent of the Fonds de recherche (FRQ) and aims to:  

  • monitor the evolution and implementation of the Politique sur la conduite responsable en recherche des Fonds de recherche du Québec and the underlying challenges within institutions and the FRQ and ensure that the scientific directors of the FRQ are kept informed;
  • make policy development recommendations, when appropriate;
  • acknowledge reports on confirmed incidents of irresponsible conduct and recommend actions to be taken by the scientific director of the FRQ agencies that are involved;
  • consider admissible allegations on the internal activities of the FRQ and set out recommendations for the scientific offices of the FRQ agencies that are involved;
  • report on the committee's activities to the boards of directors of the FRQ on an annual basis.


Committee members

Michèle Stanton-Jeanpresident
Caroline Andrew (University of Ottawa)
Michel Gervais (Université Laval)
Patricia Kosseim (Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée)
Sabin Boily (Groupe YDEE – valorisation et commercialisation de technologies)

Vincent Couture (student, Université de Sherbrooke)