Évaluation de l'impact d'un programme d'exercice de type aérobie chez une population adulte âgée de 25 à 65 ans


David Predovan

Columbia University


Domaine : vieillissement


Concours 2017-2018


Réseau québecois de recherche sur le vieillissement (RQRV)

A growing body of research has emphasized the benefits of physical activity on cognition and physical fitness during late age. Until now, most of the studies that have evaluated the impact of a physical exercise program was restricted to samples composed of people aged 65 and over. In this population, participating in an aerobic exercise training is associated with specific benefits, namely an improvement on tasks requiring executive functions processes. Executive functions processes are important in responding to unforeseen situations, avoiding distractions and multitasking, and also predicting the elderly ability to maintain an independent living. The selectivity of these benefits observed among the elderly could be explained by the fact that executive functions are particularly affected by aging and therefore more likely to improve.

Thus, the benefits observed in a younger population could differ from those observed in an elderly group. It is also possible that the benefits associated with the participation to an aerobic exercise training are specific to executive functions, regardless of age, meaning that early intervention would be most beneficial to prevent or slow the possible cognitive decline related to aging. My project aims to better understand the benefits of an aerobic exercise training in a population aged 25 to 40 and 50 to 65. We assume that the participation to an aerobic exercise training (vs Stretching) will improve significantly and specifically performance for tasks requiring executive functions in these groups 2) that this improvement will be greater in the group aged 50 to 65, 3) and that for both age groups a change in the brain activity pattern required to complete an executive functions task will be observed only for the participants who have completed the aerobic exercise training.