Une approche personnalisée pour la prévention et le traitement du cancer du sein


Caroline Diorio

Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval


Domaine : cancer

Programme chercheurs-boursiers - Senior

Concours 2017-2018

The goal of my research program is to develop prevention and breast cancer treatment strategies, which is a major public health priority. To achieve this, a number of protective and modifiable breast cancer factors must first be identified to define the population most likely to benefit from such changes.

It is becoming increasingly clear that an increase in daily intakes of omega-3 fatty acids could reduce the incidence of breast cancer. However, recent results suggest that this protective effect may be limited to obese post-menopausal women. To better understand this phenomenon, we must determine if the breast tissue of women varies according to omega-3 fatty acids intake and body weight. The first part of my research program will address this issue.

At the same time, it seems evident that certain food components, lifestyle habits or environmental contaminants could influence the methylation of our genes. Methylation is a chemical change in the genetic code that occurs very early in breast cancer development. Identifying all methylation changes in gene DNA associated with breast cancer risk and treatment nonresponse could accelerate the discovery and development of prevention strategies. The second part of my program aims to identify such changes.

The results of my work will contribute to advancing knowledge on breast cancer development and pave the way for developing innovative and personalized prevention approaches.