Perfectionnement des approches en activité physique, incluant l'interaction exercice-nutrition, pour contrer l'obésité et les désordres cardiométaboliques chez le jeune en cours de croissance


Marie-Eve Mathieu

Centre de recherche du CHU Ste-Justine


Domaine : Nutrition et métabolisme

Programme chercheurs-boursiers - Junior 1

Concours 2016-2017

This research program aims at preventing and treating obesity and cardiometabolic impairments in the pediatric population.  Its major research axis optimise physical activity interventions using the concept of exercise-nutrition interaction.  Specifically, our work improves the interventions that use the anorexigenic effect of exercise using a novel modality of training : the timing of exercise.  We also explore the inverse relation where nutritional habits (ex. overfeeding) have an impact on the activity profile. In axis two, we analyse the physiological response to exercise and the activity profile of pediatric populations at high risk of developing obesity and cardiomtabolic impairments (family history of obesity, type 1 and type 2 diabetes).  We investigate in these populations the important components of energy balance well described in adults and non-obese individuals and address the evolution of these parameters throughout the maturation process.

The third research axis is methodological.  We validate gold standard investigation approaches specific to the field of exercise physiology (ex. accelerometers).  Our projects are specific the pediatric and obese populations underrepresented in validation studies but with whom these tools are widely used on a personal, clinical or research basis.  Globally, this research program aims to provide more efficient interventions, an in depth understanding of the physiological and lifestyle parameters and validated diagnosis tools to clinicians, researchers and the community to prevent and treat the obesity and inactivity epidemic.