Nouvelles méthodes pour traiter, quantifier et étudier la maladie cardiaque athérosclérotique

Chercheurs-boursiers cliniciens- Junior 1 | Concours 2012-2013

Étienne Marc Jolicoeur

Centre de recherche de l'Institut de cardiologie de Montréal


Domaine : Santé circulatoire et respiratoire

Heart attack is still responsible for thousands of death every year. It is very important to rapidly recognize it so that appropriate treatment can be initiated promptly. In the present program, we will use a new scientific tool called metabolomics. Metabolomics is used to identify small components in the blood that are only present when heart attacks occur. Using this tool, we hope to be able to recognize heart attacks more rapidly and with better precision. We will also assess how to better treat myocardial infarction. Today, myocardial infarctions are treated by an urgent opening of the blocked artery, usually followed by a metal stent implantation. We want to assess whether it would be appropriate to delay the stent implantation until after the clot responsible for the heart attack as completely melted down.