Mieux comprendre les résultats de santé associés à l'utilisation des informations cliniques acquises avec les Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication dans le contexte des soins de santé de première ligne.

Chercheurs-boursiers- Junior 2 | Concours 2012-2013

Pierre Pluye

Université McGill


Domaine : Services de santé

Internet has become a popular source of health information for consumers (including patients) and health professionals. However, there are no research studies that have systematically examined the use of health information found on the internet and its effects on health. If these effects are important, such research has the potential to help 60% of Canadian adults, who have difficulties understanding health information, as well as to better train professionals, who currently look for additional information only for half of their unanswered clinical questions. The goal of our research program for the next four years is to study the health benefits of using information in primary care. This program is based on integrating information and health sciences.
Our program has four projects. Three main projects (A-B-C) focus on consumers and health professionals, and will use the Information Assessment Method that we developed and validated. Project A is a systematic review of the literature that will synthesize the available knowledge on health benefits related to the information found by consumers. Project B is an experimental study combined with a case study, which will evaluate the patient health benefits observed by 100 family physicians who receive synopses of new research on email. Project C will compare the expected patient health benefits with the actual benefits, observed by 30 family physicians and 30 community pharmacists, who will receive updated therapeutic recommendations on email. This will be combined with an experimental study to measure the impact of an innovative continuing medical education program. Project D: The fourth project is methodological, and will validate a unique tool used to evaluate the quality of studies included in systematic mixed studies reviews (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies).