Maladies neurovasculaires : facteurs de risque et prévention en population générale


Christel Renoux

CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal


Domaine : santé des populations

Programme Chercheurs-boursiers - Junior 2

Concours 2019-2020

The overarching goal of my research program is to study the risk of strokes and their consequences, as well as the effectiveness and adverse effects of drugs used for stroke prevention. Individuals with certain heart conditions are at high risk of stroke but also at high risk of dementia caused by the occurrence of strokes. Some drugs named anticoagulants are used to prevent strokes in these patients but we do not know whether the use of these drugs can prevent the occurrence of dementia.

Thus, my first project will be to study the effect of anticoagulants on the risk of dementia in these patients. My second project will focus on the risk of stroke recurrence as well as the effectiveness and potential side effects of anticoagulants in preventing stroke recurrence in women compared with men. Indeed, strokes occur at a later age in women, therefore the risk of stroke recurrence and the impact of treatment may be different between women and men Finally, in a third project, I will study the risk of stroke and heart attack in elderly men treated with testosterone compared with men who do not receive this treatment. Indeed, prescriptions of testosterone are increasing but the potential side effects of this treatment are uncertain.

Conducting large population-based studies is an invaluable source of information to perfect our understanding of stroke occurrence in order to better prevent and treat them. The proposed projects will therefore provide crucial information to both doctors and patients in order to optimize the prevention and management of stroke on the basis of recent and solid scientific data.