La participation au travail de personnes avec un trouble mental: L'évaluation des services de réinsertion au travail, des facteurs individuels et organisationnels

Chercheurs-boursiers- Senior | Concours 2012-2013

Marc Corbière

Université de Sherbrooke


Domaine : Neurosciences, santé mentale et toxicomanies

Organizational and economical changes in our societies have important repercussions on the employees' mental health. Their consequences in the workplace represent a burden not only at the human level but also at the financial level.

This research program is part of a theoretical framework that consists of taking into consideration not only the characteristics of a person who is part of a social system, but also the factors of three other systems (health, workplace and insurance) in order to understand the work participation of people having a partial work capacity due to a mental disorder. In order to understand the contribution of all these factors, several research projects will be presented under three components and in a section for related projects.

The three components are: the evaluation: 1) of the services implementation in Canada for people with severe mental disorders who are in the process of work reintegration; 2) of the key actors of the organization (e.g. immediate supervisor) to facilitate the return to work of people with depression; this second component will also be supported by the development of a training tool for immediate supervisors; and 3) of the work reintegration of people with a severe mental disorder working in social enterprises. 

As for the two projects to be presented in the 'related projects' section, they will enrich our understanding of the three components of this research program by considering employees in the process of returning to work in their organization as a result of a mental disorder and / or a musculoskeletal disorder (e.g. chronic pain due to back pain).