Innovations dans le diagnostic des maladies infectieuses dans le Grand Nord du Québec ainsi qu'en milieux à faibles ressources


Cedric Yansouni

Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill


Domaine : maladies infectieuses et immunitaires

Programme chercheurs-boursiers cliniciens - Junior 1

Concours 2016-2017

Globally, enteric infections (causing diarrhea and/or vomiting) are a leading cause of childhood mortality under age 5. Repeated exposure to enteric pathogens has been strongly associated with decreased growth and cognitive outcomes in high-burden countries. In Northern Quebec, conventional diagnostic approaches for enteric infections are poorly integrated with the geographic realities of the most affected communities, perpetuating under-recognition and continued transmission.

The central theme of my research programme is the development, evaluation and/or implementation of diagnostic tools for individual and population-level control of infectious diseases in Northern Quebec communities. My focus is on the application of cutting-edge tools where conventional diagnostic laboratories are not feasible. The core goal of this program is to improve the growth & development trajectories of children exposed to a heavy burden of enteric infections in remote Arctic communities. Support from the FRSQ will help me to link together several interlocking projects with four over-arching Aims (i) to build a prospective cohort of children in two Northern communities where enteric infections are frequent, (ii) to determine, for the first time, the etiological spectrum of causative organisms, (iii) to measure the impact of enteric infections on childhood growth and development, and (iv) to define diagnostic approaches that can overcome the barriers that currently prevent diagnosis and linkage to appropriate treatment.

I am fortunate to be working at McGill University within a strong network of world-class centres for parasitic disease research and clinical tropical medicine with deep roots in Quebec and partnerships around the world.  The J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Diseases, where I am based, is the largest clinical tropical medicine and parasitology unit in Canada.