Impact du programme d'accompagnement personnalisé d'intégration communautaire (PRO-COM) sur la participation sociale et la qualité de vie d'enfants ayant une lésion neurotraumatique : une étude pilote


Jérôme Gauvin-Lepage

Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte Justine


Domaine : développement et fonctionnement des personnes et des communautés, et vie sociale

Programme Consortium pour le développement de la recherche en traumatologie - Volet 2

Concours 2018-2019

Because they are a major cause of physical disability in affected children, neurotraumatic lesions, such as traumatic brain injuries, stroke and meningitis sequelae, spinal cord injuries and brain tumours, are a major health problem in Canada. Surprisingly, the vast majority of these injuries are of a traumatic nature, therefore of an unexpected and sudden nature, and can thus have a significant impact on the children's future outcomes (e.g., social participation and quality of life) following their traumatic injury.

In light of this, a personalized citizen support program promoting social participation – the PRO-COM, has been developed in recent years. Research has shown that PRO-COM is an effective intervention for increasing social participation and quality of life of adults suffering from moderate or severe traumatic brain injuries, while no empirical studies have yet been conducted with children and adolescents with neurotraumatic lesions. 

This pilot study is part of a research program, which aims to promote social participation and quality of life of children and adolescents suffering from neurotraumatic lesions. Ultimately, this project could have significant impact on an optimal recovery of daily life activities of children and adolescents with neurotraumatic lesions in order to improve his/her well-being. This project also opens up to the possibility of exporting this program to other patient populations across other healthcare settings given that health professionals are looking for validated but not very complex intervention programs that are tangible, easy to implement and use in their respective practice settings.