Évaluation des interventions multiples novatrices en oncologie: vers l'amélioration plus efficace des soins aux personnes atteintes de cancer

Chercheurs boursiers - Junior 1 | Concours 2012-2013

Dominique Tremblay

Centre de recherche de l'hôpital Charles LeMoyne


Domaine : Services de santé

Due to the nature of their disease and treatment, people diagnosed with cancer receive services provided by various professionals, be they doctors, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists or social workers. These professionals work in different settings (hospitals, CLSCs, home care, medical clinics), but not always in tandem with one another. In the past few years, different models of intervention have been developed in order to ensure that patients receive the right care, at the right time, at the right place and by the proper professionals. However, in practice, such interventions are characterized by numerous challenges. There thus exists a gap between the effects associated with these interventions and those that are observed in reality, which is disappointing. Researchers agree that the knowledge required to narrow this gap is lacking. This research program proposes to contribute to the production of such knowledge in order to understand how and why certain interventions work (or not), with whom, for whom and in what settings. The research projects that this program will comprise of will consist of collaborative efforts between researchers with various expertise, healthcare professionals, decision-makers responsible for initiatives in the fight against cancer as well as patients. Such a collaborative approach will give a better idea as to the kind of interventions that may contribute to controlling the disease, improving patients' experience with care and ameliorating professionals' work experience. On account of the growing needs in cancer care, it becomes imperative that people who are involved in fighting this disease have access to data that will help them improve care for cancer patient in an efficient manner.