Évaluation de la fiabilité et de l'acceptabilité d'un système d'aide à la décision pour l'auto-sélection d'aides techniques par les personnes âgées


Vanessa Chenel

Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation du Montréal métropolitain [CRIR]


Domaine : vieillissement


Concours 2017-2018


Unité SOUTIEN du Québec (Stratégie de recherche axée sur le patient)

Aging is often associated with difficulties in performing daily living activities (e.g., personal hygiene). The bathroom is particularly recognized as the part of the house where the older adults and their caregivers are at higher risk of falling and injury. To offset these difficulties, guided by the opinion of professionals in rehabilitation, more than one million Canadian older adults use assistive technologies (ATs), such as grab bars or bath seats. However, wait times for rehabilitation services, scarce human and financial resources, and geographic dispersion of potential users limit the access to ATs. A web-based decision support system guiding the self-selection of ATs by older adults is currently used in the UK, yet is not available in Canada. A section of this web-based decision support system dedicated to ATs used in the bathroom will be adapted with the hope that it could eventually be used in Canada.

The implementation of such an application is nonetheless likely to impact not only the older adults and their caregivers, but also all the players in the healthcare sector. In order to devise a transcultural adaptation methodology coherent to the needs, values and current practices, the acceptability of the web-based application will be studied with a sample of older adults, caregivers and healthcare sector stakeholders coming from three Canadian provinces (i.e., QC, ON, and BC). The aim of this project is to identify and define the numerous aspects related to the acceptability and the reliability of the Canadian version of this web-based decision support system, in a view to facilitate a sustainable implementation of this system in Canada. In summary, this project addresses an important concern related to research and responsible innovation, and questions how ethical and social aspects emerge, and are considered in the development of healthcare technological applications.