Évaluation d'une innovation pour améliorer l'accès à la première ligne pour les populations vulnérables : un nouveau rôle de navigation joué par des travailleurs sociaux dans des cliniques médicales en Montérégie


Mélanie Ann Smithman

CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre


Domaine : services de santé

Programme : Formation de doctorat

Concours 2017-2018


Unité SOUTIEN du Québec (Stratégie de recherche axée sur le patient)

For certain types of people, particularly disadvantaged individuals, it is more difficult to find a family physician and to access healthcare services. In the context of a Canada-Australia action research, a new service is being put in place in clinics in Montérégie in Quebec to help such people access the healthcare services they need. The new service is a support for navigation the healthcare system that will be offered to disadvantaged individuals by social workers.

My doctoral project aims to evaluate this new service. More specifically, the objectives are : 1) to identify the necessary conditions to put in place this new service, 2) to evaluate whether the new service has the intended effects and 3) to understand what helps or hinders this service to be maintained in the clinics over time. To do so, interviews will be conducted with stakeholders playing a key role in the implementation of the new service before and after the yearlong pilot phase of the project. Moreover, data from administrative databases will be analysed to evaluate the effects of the new service on disadvantaged individuals' utilisation of healthcare services. By taking into account the interests and priorities of administrators and decision makers, my project will lead to a better understanding of the implementation of the new service and will enable stakeholders to adapt the service to ensure its success or to allow other interested regions to adapt the service to their contexts.