Études de gestion critiques dans les organisations de santé

Chercheurs-boursiers- Senior | Concours 2012-2013

Rosario (Charo) Rodriguez

Institut de recherche du Centre universitaire de santé McGill (CUSM)


Domaine : Services de santé

The research portfolio being submitted, to be developed in partnership with a number of national and international scholars and decision-makers, aims to adopt innovative research approaches in order to generate valid knowledge able to help better understand how health care organizations and professionals operate. More particularly, I am interested in examining three major topics in the contemporary health care sector in-depth, namely: (1) the acquisition and adoption of new information technologies in complex university multi-hospital health care centres, which hold a threefold mission: research, teaching and specialized and ultra-specialized medical care; (2) the discipline of family medicine from the point of view of the collective professional identity of family physicians. Here, we aim at better comprehend how family physicians develop their professional identity in several medical schools located in different European and American countries; and (3) the endeavours displayed by family physicians and specialists in order to work together for particular clienteles who, due to their clinical profiles (elders, patients suffering from mental health disorders or diabetes) ask for their intra-medical professional collaboration across organizational boundaries. The better understanding of all these complex phenomena will support the improvement of managerial and clinical decision-making processes underlying high-quality health care delivery.