Étude des mécanismes régulant la diversité des rôles plaquettaires dans la santé et la maladie


Marie Lordkipanidzé

Centre de recherche de l'Institut de cardiologie de Montréal


Domaine : santé circulatoire et respiratoire

Programme Chercheurs-boursiers - Junior 1

Concours 2016-2017

Heart and brain diseases remain the leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. In Canada, these diseases are responsible for 29% of deaths and cost the Canadian economy twenty-nine billion dollars per year in medical services, hospital costs and permanent physical disability. The drugs used for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease are highly effective and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease continues to fall. However, it has become apparent that the effectiveness and side effects of these drugs are not the same for every individual. Tailoring therapies based on the characteristics and needs of each patient, in order to maximize benefits and reduce risks associated with each drug used to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, is the main goal of personalized medicine.

It is in this context that this research program is undertaken, to understand the role of platelets, small cells circulating in blood, in maintenance of health and development of certain diseases. The ultimate goal of this research program is to improve care and, in the near future, to select the best treatment strategies for individual patients.