Étude des mécanismes moléculaires qui contrôlent la différentiation cellulaire et la croissance axonale durant le développement


Jean-François Cloutier

CUSM - Institut neurologique de Montréal


Domaine : neurosciences, santé mentale et toxicomanie

Programme chercheurs-boursiers - Senior

Concours 2014-2015

The ability of humans to interact with their environment, process information, and formulate complex thoughts requires a large amount of information to flow between various regions of the brain. The flow of information in the nervous system is dependent on the formation of selective connections between nerve cells to form neural maps that provide us with an accurate representation of our environment and influence our behaviors.

Although the underlying causes of complex mental disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia, remain to be fully understood, there is increasing evidence that defects in the formation of the brain circuitry contributes to these disorders. Mutations in genes that regulate circuit formation in the brain have been linked to mental disability in humans. Our research program examines how some of these genes direct the establishment of synaptic circuitry inside the brain during development and the involvement of this circuitry in the regulation of behavioral responses.