Étude de la polymédication chez les aînés québécois


Caroline Sirois

Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec - Hôpital du Saint-Sacrement


Domaine : Vieillissement

Programme chercheurs-boursiers - Junior 1

Concours 2016-2017

With population ageing, a rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases and an increase in the choice of available medications, the number of older individuals exposed to many drugs is rapidly growing. Nonetheless, there is little information about data on trends and outcomes of this polypharmacy. My research program aims to better understand the phenomenon.

I will first explore scientific data to better define polypharmacy, identify the groups of older people that are the most affected by polypharmacy and define the health outcomes associated with polypharmacy. I will try distinguish appropriate polypharmacy - which improves health outcomes- and inapropriate polypharmacy - associated with negative effects. I will use the Quebec Integrated Disease Surveillance System (QIDSS) to perform my analyses. The QIDSS data will be used to describe the polypharmacy older individuals with chronic diseases are exposed to. The information gathered will then be used to develop validated polypharmacy indicators to establish a population surveillance of polypharmacy. The surveillance will help stakeholders and clinicians in reaching valid decisions to guide the optimal use of medications. Finally, I will interview older individuals to understand their perceptions and attitudes towards polypharmacy and the reduction of the number of medications (deprescribing). A better knowledge of these elements will help determine when optimal conditions are met to reduce the medication load.

My research will help better understand the effect of polypharmacy among older individuals and improve medication use. It should lead to better health outcomes and ressources allocation.