Étude de l'effet des contextes sur la distorsion de la réalité et la désorganisation de la pensée

Chercheurs boursiers - Junior 1 | Concours 2012-2013

Mathieu Brodeur

Institut universitaire en santé mentale Douglas


Domaine : Neurosciences, santé mentale et toxicomanies

Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder characterized by hallucinations and abnormal beliefs (i.e., delusions). One of the reasons put forward to explain these symptoms is a difficulty to properly use the context in which things are perceived. The context provides a framework to guide thought and behaviour in a coherent and predictable way. In this sense, context is essential for proper mental functioning as it ensures a seamless continuity of conscious experience. The idea of a context-related disorder is supported mainly by clinical observations and results in visual attention and interference tasks. Work remains to be done to be able to validate this original and promising idea. The purpose of this research program is to develop innovative experiments for investigating the ability of people with schizophrenia to use context adequately while searching and recognizing target objects. We will use techniques that measure brain activity and eye movements to study the mental processes responsible for the potential abnormal use of context processing in people with schizophrenia. We will also determine if these abnormalities are related to specific symptoms of schizophrenia.