Établissement d'une liste de soins urgents et spécialisés en traumatologie pour lesquels les patients devraient être dirigés directement vers un centre désigné de traumatologie à l'aide de la méthode Delphi modifiée


Éric Mercier

Université Laval


Domaine : services de santé

Programme Consortium pour le développement de la recherche en traumatologie / Volet 2

Concours 2019-2020

Introduction: In 2018, trauma remains a major societal issue in terms of costs, cause of death and morbidity. Nowadays, more than half of trauma deaths occur before arriving at the hospital. Furthermore, almost half of these deaths are potentially preventable. Prehospital trauma triage protocols have been linked to these preventable deaths as underestimation of the injuries' severity is one of the main causes associated with prehospital preventable trauma deaths. Studying the performance of these prehospital trauma triage protocols is therefore crucial. However, in order to assess their performance, establishing a list of specialized trauma care for which experts believe that patients should be referred directly to a designated trauma center from the field is essential.

Objective: The specific objective of this research is to establish a list of urgent and specialized care for which patients should be referred directly to a designated trauma center from the field.

Method: Eighteen Canadian multi-disciplinary experts with complementary skills in prehospital care, systems of care and trauma will be recruited to complete a 3- or 4-step survey (a modified Delphi survey), which is a process to build consensus on a list of care requiring transportation to a designated center of trauma.

Expected study benefits: The study of the prehospital phase has been identified as a priority in trauma research. Outcomes could reduce mortality and preventable morbidity from trauma, and optimize the use of resources and the efficiency of the health care system. This project is part of a dedicated research program aiming at evaluating prehospital triage protocols. The consensus-based list of trauma care will be used to assess the performance of the triage protocols currently used.