Développer et évaluer des programmes innovants pour lutter contre les maladies infectieuses émergentes dans une perspective « Une seule santé »


Cécile Aenishaenslin

Université de Montréal


Domaine : santé des populations

Programme Chercheurs-boursiers - Junior 1

Concours 2019-2020

Emerging infectious diseases are a growing threat to public health and have major economic impacts. About 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonoses, and involve reservoirs in wild or domestic animal populations, which increases the challenge and complexity of their prevention and control.

Given this inter-connectivity between human, animal and environmental health, the fight against emerging zoonoses requires a cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary approach called "One health". "One health" is a conceptual approach that recognizes the intimate links between human, animal and ecosystem health and promotes integrated, collaborative, intersectoral and transdisciplinary actions. However, despite a broad consensus on the need to develop, strengthen and sustain a "One Health" approach, its implementation is complex, and many barriers to its adoption and implementation in public health programs still persist.

My research program aims to develop knowledge and tools that will help to reduce the impact of zoonoses on population health through the adoption of a "One Health" approach. My program has two main objectives:

  1. Improve knowledge of the social and environmental determinants of emerging infectious diseases;
  2. Develop and evaluate current and potential "One Health" interventions and programs to address emerging infectious diseases.

Over the next four years, my work will focus on two issues of major public health importance that necessitate a One Health approach: the prevention of Lyme disease and the fight against antimicrobial resistance.