Améliorer l'utilisation de l'information sur Internet par les parents défavorisés et leurs interactions avec les éditeurs des plateformes Web : Le projet N&G+MEI+


Reem El Sherif

Université McGill


Domaine : services de santé

Programme : Formation de doctorat

Concours 2017-2018


Unité SOUTIEN du Québec (Stratégie de recherche axée sur le patient)

Low education low income parents (parents with low socioeconomic status, hereafter SES) usually have a low level of literacy and health status. This study is born from a partnership between a Web editor, ‘Naître et grandir' (N&G) and researchers who developed the Information Assessment Method (IAM). N&G produces a website and a newsletter providing free, independent and trustworthy information about child development, health and well-being, to parents of 0-8-year old children, including those with a low SES. N&G is funded by the Chagnon Foundation which seeks to reduce poverty. The IAM allows parents to evaluate N&G information and provide feedback to N&G editors. High quality online consumer information improves participation in healthcare, health and quality of life for low SES parents.

However, as suggested by data we collected since June 2014, low SES parents underuse N&G and IAM. Yet, it is these very parents who are more likely to report decreased worries and increased confidence as outcomes of using N&G information. Thus, our previous work clearly indicates a need to improve N&G and IAM. METHODS I will conduct my study in two phases. Phase 1. I will interview 30 low SES parents to identify barriers and facilitators to using N&G information and to interacting with N&G editors via IAM. I will use Phase 1 findings to implement a new version: the IAM+N&G+. Phase 2. I will compare the use of the original (IAM/N&G) and new (IAM+N&G+) versions. Results will directly benefit low SES parents and children. In addition, results will lead to develop a free toolkit for all Web editors that will help improve health interventions to better support and empower low SES parents.