Amélioration de la valeur économique des soins pour le cancer du côlon et rectum


Lawrence Lee

Centre universitaire de santé McGill [CUSM]


Domaine : cancer

Programme Chercheurs-boursiers cliniciens - Junior 1

Concours 2019-2020

There are wide variations in the quality of care delivered to patients undergoing colorectal surgery, leading to poor outcomes for an important proportion of patients. Many new interventions are said to improve outcomes, but they can be costly. The increasing strain on our healthcare budgets requires that that we establish the value of new and existing technologies to ensure efficient use of healthcare resources. The purpose of my research program is to understand how to deliver high-quality and high-value care to patients undergoing colorectal surgery. This research program is centered upon two main themes: improving the quality of colorectal cancer surgery and enhancing recovery after colorectal surgery using a value-based approach.

The first theme will investigate the use of specialized imaging techniques during colorectal cancer surgery to better identify the lymph nodes that are draining the tumor. This may lead to a higher quality cancer surgery and potentially improve long-term outcomes. The second theme will investigate how to enhance postoperative recovery in a cost-effective manner while concentrating on outcomes that matter to the patient. The projects in this theme will focus on the recovery of gastrointestinal function, which is the most common reason why patients remain longer in hospital after surgery.

New methods of measuring this occurrence will be evaluated so as to better understand how to minimize its impact. We will also study the role of mobile apps to monitor recovery after discharge from hospital to minimize unnecessary emergency department visits and readmissions, and potentially allow for patients to not stay in hospital at all after minimally invasive colon surgery. This research program has the potential to improve outcomes, minimize ineffective healthcare resource utilization, and reduce costs for patients undergoing colorectal surgery in Quebec and Canada.