Amélioration de la prise en charge de la détresse vitale de l'enfant : bases de données massives en aide à la modélisation de la physiologie respiratoire et à la décision clinique


Guillaume Emeriaud

Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte Justine


Domaine : santé de la mère, des enfants et des adolescents

Programme Chercheurs-boursiers cliniciens - Senior

Concours 2019-2020

Children with vital distress are hospitalized in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. To promote their recovery, it is essential that they receive optimal care at all times. However, teams must manage simultaneously multiple unstable, complex patients, with limited staff. We believe that artificial intelligence can help these teams manage these patients, using the data recorded by the different monitors in these units. The goal of this program is to enable the development of automated clinical decision support systems (CDSS) in intensive care.

The program has 3 parts. In Part 1, we will improve the way data are recorded, and we will develop automated techniques to facilitate the use of this data: using an algorithm to predict data when they are missing, delete erroneous data and automatically calculate important scores. In Part 2, in 2 hospitals we will develop and test a CDSS that aims to improve the management of patients with severe head injury, to promote their recovery. We will also create a CDSS to diagnose complications of transfusions more quickly and easily. In Part 3, we will conduct several studies to better understand how mechanical ventilation influences breathing and the response of the heart and brain. This will allow the CDSS to make better decisions with regard to ventilation.

At the end of this program, we will have put in place the necessary elements and cross-disciplinary international teams to promote the large-scale deployment of the CDSS in intensive care. We believe that these innovations will transform these units, and will also allow new medical discoveries. We hope that this program will position us favorably in order to keep our team and Quebec at the forefront of these innovations.