Aller au-delà des cliniciens pour améliorer l'adoption des meilleures pratiques: une revue réaliste de l'efficacité des stratégies organisationnelles en transfert de connaissance dans le domaine de la neurotraumatologie


Marie-Eve Lamontagne

Université Laval


Domaine : services de santé

Programme Consortium pour le développement de la recherche en traumatologie / Volet 4

Concours 2019-2020

Knowledge translation is an important strategy to improve the quality of rehabilitation services offered to individuals with traumatism. However, the majority of researches performed up to date have addressed preliminary steps and a small number of studies have studied the effectiveness of organizational knowledge translation strategies. A realist review is required to study the action mecanisms of organizational knowledge translation strategies to facilitate the choice of effective strategy that will allow for the implementation of evidence-based practice.

The goal of this realist review is to identify organizational knowledge translation that have been show effective to influence knowledges, attitudes and clinican behaviours of clinicians of neurotraumatology settings.

Methods: We will perform, under a collaborative mode, a realist review of litterature. The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) will be used within focus group to determine initial theories and to structure the context – mecanisms – results configurations (CMO) relevant for realist reviews. We will adapt Flogren's et al.'s search strategy to apply it to traumatology rehabilitation settings. An information specialist will validate and perform the research. Each title and abstract will be evaluated independently, by two researchers. An in-depth reading of selected article and data extraction will be performed. The research team will then refine the initial theories about the effectiveness of knowledge translation. According to the data, it would be possible to identify patterns of COM and to draw conclusions allowing for a theoretical generalization of the review results to others context of neurotrauma rehabilitation.