Vision Health Research Network



Michel Cayouette


Valérie Lavastre


Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal
110 des Pins W. Avenue
Montréal, Qc  H2W 1R7
514 987-5636


Research areas: 4

Regular members (researchers): 100
Associate members: 35
Honorary members: 186


The objective of the Vision Health Research Network (VHRN) is to increase the research capacity and competitiveness of Quebec in eye and vision health.

Research axis Responsibles

Cornea and Anterior Segment

May Griffith
Université de Montréal

Stéphanie Proulx
Université Laval

Retina and Posterior Segment

Adriana Di Polo
Université de Montréal

Vincent Pernet
Université Laval

Brain and Perception

Jean-François Bouchard
Université de Montréal

Stuart Trenholm
McGill University

Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation

Walter Wittich
Université de Montréal

Aaron Johnson
Concordia University

*The mission comes from the network's website.