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Research areas : 6

Researchers : 279


The Centre de Recherche of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke has a mission of developing new expertise with a view to maintaining health and preventing, remedying, and treating disease.

Positioned at the cutting edge of today's major health issues, the Center's researchers stand out and break new ground with an integrated approach in which fundamental, clinical, epidemiological, and evaluative research coalesce.

With its multidisciplinary teams, the CRCHUS ensures ground-breaking scientific and technological leadership in the health and social-service system regionally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Research areas Research themes

Cancer: Biology, Prognosis and Diagnosis

Principal investigator:
Benoit Chabot

Karine Tremblay

  • Understand the mechanisms underlying cancer biology
  • Integrate fundamental knowledge into clinical practice
  • Develop new diagnostic strategies and treatment approaches

Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Complications

Principal investigator:
André Carpentier

Ouhida Benrezzak

  • Understand the fundamental mechanism of diabetes and obesity
  • Identify the social and health determinants underlying the development of diabetes and obesity
  • Prevent cardiovascular consequences

Medical Imagery

Principal investigator:
Brigitte Guérin

Réjean Lebel

  • Develop novel imaging approaches based on positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Create new radiotracers for diagnosis and therapeutic management
  • Improve Canada's isotope supply chain

Inflammation and Pain

Principal investigator:
Louis Gendron

Karine Tremblay

  • Elucidate the underlying mechanisms of the immune response, inflammatory diseases, and pain
  • Prevent pain and inflammation
  • Treat and relieve discomfort

Mother and Child

Principal investigator:
Jean-Paul Praud

Jennifer Saint-Laurent

  • Improve the health of mother and child, from conception to adolescence
  • Understand maternal-fetal health, perinatal inflammation and rare hereditary diseases
  • Identify and prevent environmental hazards to infants
  • Develop obstetric and pediatric clinical research

Health: Populations, Organization and Practices

Principal investigator:
Pasquale Roberge

Charaf Eddine Ahnadi

  • Understand the health–illness continuum and its determinants
  • Conceive, implement, and assess novel interventions
  • Analyze and innovate to increase the effective and efficient use of resources and of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation interventions
  • Improve people's health and care trajectory

*The mission comes from the centre's website.