Relève étoile Jacques-Genest 
April 2019

Thierry Gagné

Postdoctoral fellow in Epidemiology and Public Health
University of London - University College London

Award-winning publicationMethodological systematic review of studies on social inequalities in smoking among young adults: A field coming of age?

Published in: Tobacco Control


Over the last two decades, there were virtually no gains in terms of smoking initiation and cessation among young people aged 18 to 25. Thierry Gagné and his colleagues therefore sought to understand the determinants of the issue and published the very first systematic review of the socioeconomic characteristics associated with smoking in young adults. While 90% of studies have focused solely on prevalence, the team's work highlights the lack of knowledge on the determinants of smoking initiation and cessation and confirms the consistent association between the risk of smoking and a group of key characteristics, such as the non-completion of high school and financial hardship. The study also highlights the knowledge gap related to the role of a number of characteristics that are typically linked to smoking, including a person's financial situation, employment status and family circumstances. The work undertaken by Thierry Gagné will help guide interventions and research to prevent smoking among young adults in Québec.