Relève étoile Jacques-Genest 
February 2019

Massimiliano Orri

Postdoctoral fellow in Psychiatry
McGill University

Award-winning publicationAssociation of Childhood Irritability and Depressive/Anxious Mood Profiles With Adolescent Suicidal Ideation and Attempts

Published in: JAMA Psychiatry


Suicidal behaviours in teenagers constitute a major public health concern, and their prevention hinges on the early identification of children with a higher than average risk of suicide. These children, however, are very difficult to identify. Depression in particular, which remains a significant risk factor for suicide in adults, is less clearly linked to suicidal behaviours in adolescence. Drawing on data from the Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (QLSCD), Massimiliano Orri was able to demonstrate that irritability plays a key role in increasing the risk of suicide in children and therefore warrants special attention. These findings could contribute to the development of early suicide prevention strategies in at-risk children.