Étudiante-chercheuse étoile August 2016

Marie-Ève Lebel

PhD student
INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier

Award-winning publication: Potentiating Cancer Immunotherapy with Papaya Mosaic Virus-Derived Nanoparticles

Published in: Nano Letters


In her article, Marie-Ève Lebel demonstrates the effectiveness of a new molecule (PapMV) in the treatment of cancer. Her research revealed the molecule's mechanism of action and studied the impacts of the treatment on the tumour microenvironment and its effect on cancer cells. She obtained promising results that could be transposed in patients who did not respond to standard treatments, in order to increase treatment effectiveness while generating less serious side effects and a lower risk of recurrence. These observations elucidate the highly complex relationship between the immune system and tumours and particularly the ways in which to manipulate this relationship in order to foster the elimination of cancer cells.