Étudiant-chercheur étoile November 2013

Éric Mercier

Master's student in Clinical Epidemiology and medical resident in Emergency Medicine
Université Laval

Award-winning publication: Predictive value of S-100B protein for prognosis in patients with moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: systematic review and meta-analysis

Published in: British Medical Journal, April 2013.


"To date, there is no prognostic factor to promptly and accurately determine the neurological outcomes of patients who suffered moderate or severe traumatic brain injury. That the results of a blood test could contribute to the assessment of the prognosis therefore constitutes a major advancement. Our systematic review and meta-analysis of 41 published studies on the topic has shown that blood levels of protein S-100B are a reliable prognostic factor, since high levels are associated with death and significant disability. It is the first blood biomarker to be clearly linked to a neurological prognosis and could eventually be integrated into clinical prediction rules."

Traumatic brain injuries can be catastrophic, leading to death or effects that will impact an individual's long-term quality of life. Those close to the victims—who are often healthy young people—therefore want to know what to expect as soon as possible. Éric Mercier's work confirms that the blood dosage of protein S-100B could help precisely determine the neurological outcomes of patients who suffered head trauma and better assess the severity of their injuries early on. The treatment team will then be able to provide more objective information that will help guide the patients' families in their care choices.