Étudiant-chercheur étoile March 2016

Vincent-Philippe Lavallée

Postdoctoral fellow in Medicine
Université de Montréal

Award-winning publication: The transcriptomic landscape and directed chemical interrogation of MLL-rearranged acute myeloid leukemias

Published in: Nature Genetics


RNA sequencing—a technology that provides insight into all the genes that are expressed and a detailed analysis of all the mutations in a given sample—had never been used to study two groups of acute myeloblastic leukemias (AMLs). Vincent-Philippe Lavallée's research on the two groups revealed a set of genes that are promising markers. These markers could be used to better diagnose AML since the high level of expression of one of the genes made it possible to identify several cases that standard laboratory techniques had not detected. These markers could also be used to follow the progression of AML during and after chemotherapy treatment.