FRQnet news

March 29th, 2018

Since the launch of the electronic financial report module in February, many 2016–2017 reports were successfully submitted and approved. The institutions' financial services departments and the grant and award holders involved in these operations continue to collaborate with our team on an ongoing basis, and we would like to thank them very much. 

A number of technical issues currently prevent us from making all the financial report forms due on March 31 available online. Indeed, just over 20% of the financial reports must still be opened, mainly those for the Strategic Clusters and Research Team Support programs, as well as other programs with interinstitutional transfers. The deadline to submit 2016–2017 financial reports to the FRQNT and FRQSC is therefore temporarily postponed indefinitely so that we may resolve the technical problems that make it impossible for us to open the reports in a timely manner. The 2017–2018 financial reports will be available once the 2016–2017 reporting exercise is complete.

Additional communications to keep you up to date on the issue will follow over the next few weeks.