Message From the Scientific Director

January 20th, 2020

2020: new year, new goals and new opportunities to shape the future and transform health care and services through research. As the 18th-century naturalist George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon affirmed, "the sole true science is the knowledge of facts." Our approaches in health are experiencing significant change, and we must provide decision-makers, entrepreneurs and citizens with evidence-based data to inform our societal choices. And that is precisely my priority: to foster the generation of knowledge and create dissemination and application channels to ensure this knowledge is used conscientiously and to its full potential.

In 2020, we must also continue to communicate our shared passion for science and research. To do so, we must provide our students with optimal conditions so they pursue their studies in the health sector. As I observed in the past six months on my many visits to departments and faculties, research in the field is increasingly holistic and involves a range of disciplines, and it is important that health research paths benefit from this wealth by fostering inclusion and diversity—another of my priorities.

From a more pragmatic perspective, 2020 is a year of convergence with funding renewals for a number of research centres, the launch of programs on artificial intelligence in health care and digital health, efforts to adapt our programs to intersectoral realities in colleges and universities, facilitated access to data, support for the competitiveness of our clinical research and many more initiatives that are still in the planning stages. The FRQS team has always strived to deploy the best possible programs to support its research community. Within the framework of the actions implemented in 2019, we will step up our efforts in this direction. 

On behalf of the leadership team and all of us at the FRQS, I would like to wish you a year of discoveries and innovations in health that are promising for our community and indeed all Quebecers.  

Carole Jabet