Awards and grants

May 4th, 2016

At the meeting on April 13, the board of directors of the FRQS approved the allocation of $95.8M in awards and grants for 2016–2017.

The FRQS received 942 new training awards applications as compared to 953 in 2015. This year, the Fonds will grant 405 new awards (43% of eligible applications). In total, $21.4M is allotted for training awards (new and ongoing awards).

As for the career awards, the FRQS received 302 new applications and will grant 119 awards (39% of eligible applications). In total, $24.3M is allocated to career awards (new and ongoing awards).

Under the five research programs funded in partnership, 14 new projects will received funding (44% of eligible applications). All the research projects funded in partnership, including the international collaborations, represent a total amount of just over $10M.

Finally, the funding granted to the three centres that were evaluated this year was renewed. The research clusters (centres, networks and groups) will receive some $40M.

For more information on the results of the competitions and a table of the success rates for each program, visit the results page.