Québec - Flanders Bilateral collaborative research program


Competition year :



Deadline (application) :

May 15th, 2017, 11:59 PM


Amount :

$100,000 per year


Duration :

3 years


Announcement of results :

December 2017



The Program aims to contribute to the development and the excellence of Québec-Flanders university and scientific cooperation in selected topics. It also aims to foster intersectoral and interdisciplinary research crossing at least two research sectors falling under FRQNT, FRQS or FRQSC. The following scientific topics are eligible :

  • Demographic changes and healthy aging (aspects related to issues with an ageing population)

  • Safe, clean and efficient energy (all aspects of renewable energy: advanced technologies, green energy, socio-economic and health related aspects, change in practices)

  • Sea & inland waterways governance/valorization (maritime industry, import / export, socio-economic aspects related to marine transportation)

  • Food science (nutrition, agri-food sciences, food safety, sustainable food production, bio-economy, and eating habits)

  • Climate change (socio-economic studies, impact on health, living with environmental changes, bio-economy…)

  • Urban development (Smart and livable cities; ecological, technological, humane, and futuristic aspects)


For detailed program description and application guidelines, please refer to the program rules on the FRQNT website at :

Quebec-Flanders Program 2017-2018

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