FRQS - NSFC Program for Short-term Exchanges (National Natural Science Foundation of China) / 2014-2015


Competition year :



Deadline (application) :

November 1st, 2013, 11:59 PM


Amount :

up to $2000 + daily living allowance


Duration :

from 1 to 3 months


Announcement of results :

April 2014



This program funds short-term scientific missions with a view to fostering sustained cooperation between independent Chinese and Québec investigators.


Required documents


Submitting documents via e-mail (PDF format only)

Don't forget to submit all of your e-documents to the program officer.

The e-mail transmission date will attest to the date on which the documents were submitted.

  • Canadian Common CV (complete new version)
The Fonds de recherche du Québec are using the new version of the Canadian Common CV for this competition. Only the Funding CV for the agency will be accepted.
  • Detailed contributions (as a CV attachment)
  • Duly completed application form (PDF)

The form must include the research project title in French.

The Chinese scientists must apply to the NSFC.




Eligibility - Quebec scientists

Competition open to Independent investigators who are:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents (permanent resident card)

  • domiciled in Québec

  • working in health research in Québec

  • involved, to the satisfaction of the FRQS and NSFC science authorities, in a cooperative research project with one or more Chinese scientists in an NSFC-funded Life Sciences laboratory.


Amount of grant

The grant covers for researchers and the members of their team:

  • round-trip transportation (up to C$2 000)

  • daily living allowance

The NSFC pays Quebec scientists an allowance as per local standards (700 RMB per diem) and the round-trip transportation of the Chinese scientists.

The FRQS pays Chinese scientists an allowance of CAN$100 per diem and the round-trip transportation of the Québec scientists.




  • Quality of research track record of Québec and Chinese scientists

  • Complementarity of the scientists' methodologies, subject-specific competencies and collaboration

  • Benefits from existing scientific collaboration, if applicable

Research project:

  • Scientific merit of mission and potential benefits


  • Justification for each mission

  • Realism of each mission duration

Technical Assistance

Email: centre.assistance.sante
1 866 901-7871

Monday to Friday
8h30 to 12h and 1h to 4h
(Friday in Summer: 8h30 to 12h)

All requests for technical assistance sent by e-mail are processed first.