This policy explains how the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) ensures the accessibility of its website to the widest possible audience.

Given the wide variety of computers, operating systems and software in existence today, the FRQS cannot guarantee perfect compatibility. We recommend that you use the most popular interfaces.

Compliance with Government of Québec Accessibility Standards

In accordance with the Government of Québec standards on web accessibility, the FRQS website has adopted:

  • rules enabling its website to be made accessible to everyone, whether a person has a  disability or not;
  • rules enabling all downloadable documents found on its website to be made accessible to everyone, whether a person has a disability or not;
  • rules enabling all web animation or audio or video content on its website to be made accessible to everyone, whether a person has a  disability or not.

Computer Compatibility

The FRQS website is compatible with the following software tools:


Accessibility of the FRQS website has been verified with the following browsers:

  • Chrome:  C35 and C34 (or more recent)
  • Firefox: FF30 and FF29 (or more recent)
  • Internet Explorer : IE 10, IE 11 (or more recent)
  • Safari: S7 (or more recent)

If your browser is not up to date, you might encounter difficulties in accessing our website. The site can also be viewed using other browsers and versions. However, these have not been tested and certain content may not display correctly.

Screen Reader

We recommend:

  • Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA)

Additional Tools

To optimize your visit, we recommend the use of the following plug-ins:

  • HTML Validator
  • Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar 1.7

Icon Descriptions

  •  This icon leads to Twitter
  •  This icon leads to Facebook
  •  This icon leads to Linkedin
  •  This icon leads to YouTube
  •  These paired icons lead to a PDF document
  •  These paired icons lead to a Word document
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  •  This icon indicates that you are leaving the FRQS website

The Common Canadian CV

For optimal navigation, the Common Canadian CV requires the use of :

  • PC or Mac
  • Windows or Mac OS X
  • Internet Explorer (IE8 or more recent), Firefox (3.0 or more recent), Chrome, Safari
  • High speed Internet connexion

Please note that this site is the responsibility of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

FRQS Portals and Extranets

The FRQS offers several secure portals and extranets which may be accessed via the website:

Portals – FRQS Awards and Grants

  • Electronic portfolio :
  • User account / Password management
  • E-Forms (Letter of intent, Full application)
  • Accept an applicant (Supervisors and mentors) (En tant que directeur ou mentor)
  • My funding (Gérer mon financement)
  • Canadian Common CV (Attachment of detailed Contributions) (CV commun canadien)
  • Reviewers Portal / Review an application (Portail des évaluateurs)
  • Institutions Portal / Authorize an application (Portail des institutions) 

Other FRQS Portals

  • Partners Portal
  • Registry of Research Centres, Groups and Institutes (Registre des centres, groupes et instituts de recherche)
  • Expenses claims

These portals and extranets have been tested and verified for use with Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Explorer and Safari.

Note that if you use a popup blocker, you may need to temporarily disable it to fully utilise all features of our portals.

Downloadable Documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view and print the program descriptions, PDF forms and reports provided on the FRQS website as well as the online CV provided on the Canadian Common CV site. 

  • FRQS site: Acrobat Reader 4.05 (or more recent)
  • Canadian Common CV site: Acrobat Reader 4.05 (or more recent)

The FRQS cannot guarantee the accessibility of third-party content which may not be subject to the same accessibility standards.

Converting PDF Documents to HTML

To use the PDF-HTML conversion tool provided by, simply type the URL of the PDF document into the online form and click on "Get a HTML version of this PDF document". The PDF will be instantly converted into HTML and displayed in your Web browser.

Data Security

Caution is in order when using a public or shared computer. When you terminate your session on the FRQS site, make sure you close the browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and clear the cache in order to safeguard the confidentiality of your documents. Please also consult our Privacy Policy.


If you need help while browsing our website, if there is content that you cannot access via adaptive technology or if you are having trouble filling out a form on the site, please contact our Online Help Centre.    

Links to Other Websites and to PDF Documents

The FRQS website contains hyperlinks to various external websites that are not managed by the FRQS. When you click on these links, you leave the FRQS website. When you leave the FRQS website, the following icon shows up .

The FRQS has no control over the content, conditions or policies of these websites  and the fact that they are included on the FRQS website in no way implies responsibility on the part of the FRQS, except for the PDF documents that are issued by the FRQS and carry its logo. Any personal information you send through these sites will be subject to each of these site's personal information protection policy and conditions of use.

Furthermore, if the iconshows up, followed by the icon , you will access a PDF text. Please be advised that documents produced or maintained by the FRQS are accessible through the FRQS URL and usually bear its logo or the FRQ logo.

Person Responsible for Access and the Application of the Access Act

The person responsible for the application of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information, CQLR c A-2.1 is also in charge of supporting the Chief Scientist in insuring compliance with this Law. Requests for access, comments or complaints of non-respect can be addressed to the Person Responsible for Access.

In addition, for any questions relating to access to FRQS documents or to submit a request to access or correct your personal information, please contact the Person Responsible for Access, Mylène Deschênes.

For more information, consult the section Access to Information of our site.

Comments or Questions

If you have any comments or questions on our accessibility policy, please use the Contact Us button found on all of our web pages.


Last update: March 2016

Technical Assistance

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Monday to Friday
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All requests for technical assistance sent by e-mail are processed first.